UWS do Behaviour 2012
Review: We Are Gob Squad and So Are You, Sat 31st March 2012

by Louise Milne

The Gob Squad returned to the Glasgow Arches on Saturday to perform their collection of collaborative and edgy pieces. I was bemused by the introduction from ‘Sharon’ who wore the Donnie Darko styled Rabbit mask and guided the almost sell out audience through the beginning of the nights performance.
The show was very unique and unlike anything else I have ever saw, using headphones to talk through the script Berret was the next actor to partake in the show. From then on various mambers of the audience were carefully selected to say their own scripted piece and as they were not actually performance artists themselves it gave the show a real genuine and mysterious element.
Gob Squads mantra is to search for the inner beauty in every day life and by attaching acting with the normality and reality of mundane life this is acheived. Their genius ‘remote acting’ method is revolutionary in it’s field and allows the audience to become deeply involved and to think further and not just feel like they are a standard audience member.
We all watched in anticipation as lines were called out via the headphones and people waited to see if they would be called next. In the background there was other performances on an overhead played to us which featured the actual Gob Squad doing their own quirky performances and as this played the show continued.
The show finished off with a joking half strip tease from a daring audience member, but all round if you want to have the chance to be a star in a show, without all the hard work of learning acting professionally then the ‘remote acting’ technique employed by the German and UK Gob Squad is for you!!