UWS do Behaviour 2012
Review: Cycling Gymkhana, Sat 7th April

by Louise Milne

The Bicycle Boom showcased another tremendous act created and presented by Fish & Game’s Eilidh MacAskil at Glasgow’s Kelvinhall Arena. The Gymkhana was a celebratory day in memory of the first ever Cycling Gymkhana held in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park in 1901. The 21st century version was excellent, and a real fun family orientated day out. About two hundred people turned up to the free event and the performance spun off with a short parade from the four racer girls who took part all made up in special costumes to play fictional racing characters throughout the performance.

The ladies then performed a short synchronisation of cycling round the hall to show us there bikes and then went on to complete bizarre races where they competed against each other in an ‘Easter egg and spoon race’ a ‘biscuit eating and drinking race’ and a ‘slow motion tortoise race’

There was then live music from the band and Eilidh went on to discuss bikes over the years as she cycled around the hall on her bike with pictures of these older bikes built on to a large display case on the back asking children in the audience to take a page of at a time to show the next one.

There was also a mountain bike performance and this went down nicely with the audience laughing at the ramp stunts where Eilidh had placed mini toy Easter chicks on the ramp to test the jumping capabilities of the mountain biker.

The show then drew near close off with a brilliantly choreographed piece by all the women cyclists who had taken part, it was beautifully put together and the audience were all intrigued.

And for the big finale it was the bike decoration competition were the audience took part and competed for the Easter egg prices of first, second and third place with a crème egg treat for all who took part.

I spoke with a few members of the audience about how they enjoyed the show and Kevin Port who was down from Aberdeen with his wife and two kids said; “I saw a flyer at the Museum and came along, we just got here for the last 15 minutes and really enjoyed it as didn’t know what to expect. He hasn’t heard of the Arches before or the Behaviour festival but thought that it was educational and fun.”

I then spoke to Claire Willoughby, Rob Jones and Matt Reagan who are part of the Arches staff and know some of the Behaviour performance artists. They rated every part of the show with a 5 and said they enjoyed it very much. Claire Willoughby spoke about how she enjoyed the Gymkhana, “Refreshingly different, and made me want to get a bike for sure, it’s liberating and independent for women. The live music was great for kids and it was educational and fun.”

Another brilliant performance at Behaviour from Fish & Game